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    Cracked Heels is?
    Cracked Heels is a skin condition where the skin around the heel lack of moisture, dry, cracked because the heel area is relatively thick and must receive our body weight nearly an entire day. Especially in overweight people often suffer from cracked heels were found more easily than thin people. Including those who do not wear shoes to walk barefoot on hard surface. The hereditary condition is a common cause of cracked heels as well.


    Symptoms of cracked heels.
    In the first phase, the heel usually starts swelling. When he left for a long time, it starts to crack a small footprint. And started a deep groove. Or even break a trail of blood and hurt to Walks. So do not think that it’s just a small story with the signs, cracked heels. If you leave them long to make a hurt and create a mental torture.

    What causes cracked heels
    Since Thailand is a tropical country, we always like to wear sandals. Or open-heeled shoes to prevent smelly feet and like to walk around the house with barefoot on the hardness ground, with cold exposure causes the dry heel. The fat man a lot of weight a feet to impact more. Choosing to wear the shoes, the quality is not standard, it is another reason to do so.


    Treating cracked heels
    – Soak your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes before bedtime every night for about 2-3 weeks, then rub lightly cracked heels. To cells sloughing off dead skin. Then wipe your feet dry and apply a moisturizing cream.
    – May try to rub a banana peel cracked heels gently for about 10 minutes on a banana peel acid helps the skin to help heal the skin to crack and try to do it in a week for about 2-3 times.
    – Before going to bed, wear socks to bed to maintain moisture to remain.
    – Always wear closed shoes, heel pain, heel during the break to recover.
    – Apply a moisturizing cream cracked heels every day and every night. Or apply as often as you like.
    – To maintain the initial symptoms have not improved. Or even cracked heels and a trail of blood and burning. Should see a doctor for immediate treatment.


    How to prevent cracked heels
    – While in the home or office wear shoes. Soft leather shoes to wear. To reduce the impact of the foot. And frost protection that may cause the heel to lose moisture.
    – Always apply the cream on the heels regularly to prevent cracked heels.
    – Choose shoes to fit your feet, Don’t Tight or too loose. Don’t walk on the hardness ground. Find a qualified shoes would be better to keep a foot healthy.
    – Always wear socks at bedtime routine.
    – Should lose weight (if overweight) heel must not be overloaded.


    I knew this already started to pay attention to foot health. Now before it’s too late. If cracked heels, it may result in your character look worse. Thus preventing cracked heels, it’s that you should pay attention. Heel problem will never come disturbing to you anymore.

    วิธีแก้ส้นเท้าแตกTips: Foot Healthy
    For those who are experiencing problems with cracked heels. Today we have some tips to eliminate cracked heels together. To reclaim beautiful back heel …

    1. Lemon
    Lemon juice mixed with water. Then the left foot for a while. Helps restore moisture to your feet.

    2. Peel bananas
    Bring a banana peel to rub the heel at the break. Then leave it for 10-15 minutes will help heal cracked heels.

    3. Hot Water
    Just soak your feet in warm water mixed with a little vinegar and mouthwash. The soak them for about 15-20 minutes Heel pain is mitigated.

    4. Vaseline
    Put Vaseline all over the area come to heel the regularly. Helps restore moisture to the skin. Cracked heels and symptoms will gradually fade.

    5. olive oil or sesame oil
    Can help heal cracked heels quickly. Just bring oil to massage your feet for about 15-20 minutes to wash out.


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