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How to use turmeric for a smooth skin.



Turmeric also helps to nourish the skin. Women in ancient times. If anyone has a beautiful smooth skin. I tend to get a visit from a gentleman. With the benefits of turmeric. At present, we have many kinds of skin care products. The turmeric is a key ingredient. The skin is beautiful.

Properties of turmeric for the skin.

Curcumin and Turmeric contains an essential oil. Inhibitory effect of growth of bacteria. And fungal species. Can be used to relieve symptoms of skin rash. In addition, the use of turmeric powder paint to a golden brown. Meanwhile, it nourishes the skin with sterilization causes some skin types. In the old days. People in the southeast Asia. And the Far East. Popular for using turmeric to skin soft and smooth. Or after shower, making the skin look more radiant.

To scrub with turmeric

Girls in the past used turmeric to scrub in on a daily basis. The turmeric is used, whether it is white turmeric. Or turmeric. Or fresh turmeric. Or turmeric powder. It can be used on the skin as well. Only are there different ways to implement the following used.

1. Fresh turmeric. If the fresh turmeric. . Yellow turmeric washed thoroughly. Peeled off. Then scrape with grated turmeric thoroughly. After that turmeric has come to scrub it. Or it may have been mixed with other components. In order to enhance the skin. Eg. Milk, Marly limestone, Lemon, Tamarind., Etc., By mixing with a little turmeric. And mix well before the polished surface.

2. Turmeric powder. The turmeric powder mixed with a little water to make a slurry. Then, contrary to the surface directly. Or may be other ingredients. That can be mixed into the skin. Such as milk. Or honey. And so on. If it is against the face. Rinse thoroughly. Then the turmeric powder to keep face scrub gently all over. Leave the mask for about 5 min., Then rinse with warm water. The skin will split out. Skin and hair follicles. Help heal the wounds caused by acne. The occurrence of a scar. It also makes skin soft and smooth and even more.

Scrub with turmeric. Can scrub 1-2 times a week. It should scrub in the evening because the scrub skin turned yellow from turmeric. The color turmeric rather stick to the skin. Which does not need to panic. Turmeric may need to rinse skin 2-3 times. Yellow from turmeric to be removed from the skin.

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