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When Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospita’ set out to make herbal medicine for its own use two decades ago, Clinacanthus nutans Zburm.F.X Lindau., alittle known herb then, was chosen and developed into a glycerine preparation. Today it is one of 30 Abhaibhubejhr herbal medicine products approved by Thailand,s products approved by Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration. In developing these products ranging from non-aerosol mosquito spray to cough syrup, Abhaibhubejhr has always been guided by its original policy to choose medicinal plants of high level of safety and with sufficient scientific support for their claimed properties

Cosmetic and toiletries

Herbs are perfect natural sources of nutrients for the health of skin and hair. To fully benefit from them, Abhaibhubejhr takes great care in preparing herbal extracts for making its 30 personal care products ranging from facial creams, lotions to soaps. All Abhaibhubejhr skin care products, including cucumber facial cleansing cream and tumeric body lotion, passed non-irritation tests by the Medical Science Department.


In 1990, a campaign by Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital to encourage the public to drink health beverages instead of sweetened soda led to the development of herbal beverages. Abhaibhubejhr offers beverages prepared from herbs which were chosen for thier tastes and health-promoting effects.

Lampang Herb Conservation

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